Talk Is Cheap

Business – Value and Function

Those that create, manage and run businesses deserve respect.

They deserve respect because their activities benefit us all – in the form of jobs (primary, secondary and tertiary ones) and shareholder returns (did you know that teacher, police and other public worker pension funds are some of the largest investors in the public markets and in Private Equity funds?) – which then drive value and wealth creation all around. 

And more respect and admiration for those, especially entrepreneurs, that constantly strive to create new value by pouring their blood, sweat and tears into starting new companies, managing them and growing them. Kudos also to America for its deeply ingrained entrepreneurial culture where such continual value creation is encouraged and facilitated by public infrastructure investments, the rule of law and a mostly level playing field.

[Sometimes though, the world of business needs a nudge or two when rapacious activity has the danger of destroying the very communities it is meant to serve. Regulation and controls the world over must therefore ensure that the conditions that lead to such destruction are mitigated as much as possible. Note though that this is quite different from the “creative destruction” that capitalism engenders and requires. And this is why I remain wary of “too big to fail” banks and institutions whose profits are private but whose losses must be borne by the public. Talk about negative externalities…]

Talk Is Cheap

For the reasons I mentioned above, the world of business fascinates me. And I started this blog to share with the world my thoughts, observations and comments on the various ways in which this world plays out on a daily basis. 

But doing something is very different from merely talking about it.

As I write about business, companies, strategy and marketing, that is something I strive to be mindful of…for it is rather easy to be an armchair pundit. There are far too many business “news” websites and magazines whose simplistic analyses and slick, attention-grabbing, click-driving headlines do little to further a truly meaningful understanding of the world of business.

So this blog is also an attempt to fix that in a small way. 

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